Monday, April 18, 2011

Boo! - Front Door Photo Ambush

Heh heh heh--okay Girls--I did such a dastardly thing.  I didn't get the chance to ambush my guy outside the front door--but I did something just as fabulous!  This is a great challenge, by the way, dear SissyDea!  lol 

After we returned home last night--I stood in the dark outside Alan's office door and boo-flashed him as he emerged.  He jumped--and I laughed.



Grannie Annie said...

Whoa Bea that's pretty cold zapping a guy where he lives...he looks pretty big and mean I think you had better behave. LOL

Clytie said...

I bet he laughed after he figured out what you were doing! I agree - this is GREAT challenge!