Monday, May 2, 2011

May Flower Heart, ACEO - Random Challenge

Here is one of my first experiments with Photoshop.  I thought this Mayflower was so pretty I would put it into an ASCO/ATC format!  It worked!

And what fun!  lol


Clytie said...


And Beautifully done!!!

Grannie Annie said...

Heck Sissy if I'd known you could do computor art I would have entered. I don't have time to drag out my hands on art stuff right now.
This is really lovely the color is to die for!!!

Beth Niquette said...

Sissy--these are wonderful! WOW!

Yes, when we do our challenges, my sweet Sissy--anything goes! It can be digital, poetical, painting, drawing, finding stuff and gluing it together--etc.

Whatever creative thing you might think of is good for a challenge.

Heh heh heh..


Nat S said...

it's a pity, that you stop this blog :(
there are so many ideas and inspirations in challnge